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Weber Q 100 & 120 Replacement Valve & Regulator

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With a regulator that isn t working, you re going to have one of two things. You re either going to have way too much flame, or basically none at all. Luckily for all of us, it s usually the second scenario.u00a0

Your Weber Q 100 (or Q 120) barbecue could last a lifetime. They re well built, and are designed to be taken on the go with you - wherever you may go. That being said, not all parts of the barbecue can last forever. It s an unfortunate fact of the life of something with so much heat passing through.

Replacing the regulator is probably one of the most common fixes we see on most barbecues, not just portable ones. All that gas running through all the time, it s a lot to handle! Luckily, they re easy to replace and much cheaper than a new barbecue.



  • Designed to fit the Weber Q 100 and 120 portable barbecue models
  • Includes a new valve, regulator, and fitting to hook up to a standard 1lb propane tank
  • Bracket measures 4 1/2" long
  • 20lb Propane tank adaptor hoses available in 5 Feet and 10 Feet
  • Does not adapt to fit anything other than the specified models


  • This part is designed ONLY to fit the Weber Q 100 and 120 gas grills (not the newer Weber Q 1000 and 1200)
  • If you have a Weber Q 200 or 220, check here for your replacement valve and regulator


If you re not sure if this is the correct part for you, just fill out our barbecue parts request form and we ll help you find the right one.