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Weber Instant Read Thermometer

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"The Check". You know the one. It’s that piece of meat that you’ve cut straight down the middle just to see if it’s done. The beauty and the juices of that one piece of perfection were all sacrificed solely for safety concerns. Even if it is for safety, serving "The Check" piece of meat to guests isn't polite. And then they wonder if you don't really like them. Or their kids. Or their dog. Avoid all that with an internal meat thermometer.

The Weber instant read thermometer allows you to check the temperatures of food without having to cut it open and "look". Just pop the stainless steel probe into the meat for a quick and instant read on the internal temperature of the meat. It will not only save the juices and presentation value of the meat, but it’ll also save lives.


  • 5” long stainless steel probe will be just right for your meat
  • Swiveling head rotates for easy reading at any angle
  • Can swap between reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Protective sleeve with clip included to keep it close by while cooking
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes