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Weber 7642 Replacement Igniter Kit

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Weber makes a fine series of gas grills. But, from time to time, the ignition system could fail on you. From then on, you can use a barbecue lighter, or just replace the ignition kit!

This igniter kit is designed for Weber Spirit 210 and 310 models which featured a front-mounted control panel. The kit will include everything you ll need to get the Spirit sparkin again. It even includes the battery (yes folks, there s actually a battery in the ignition module, it doesn t work via magic). 


  • Includes all parts needed to get your Weber Spirit sparking again - the ignition module, electrodes, wires, and the clips
  • Battery is also included
  • Pieces cannot be sold separately - only available as a complete kit


Weber models

  • Spirit® 210™ and 310™ Gas Grills (Front-Mounted Control Panel models)


Not sure if this is the right kit for you? No problem, just fill out our Barbecue Parts Request Form and one of our knowledgeable sales associate can help you locate the right igniter kit just specially made for your barbecue.