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Ted Reader Original Bone Dust

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Ted Reader's Original Bone Dust has been a staple of his since he created it back in the 90's. Yeah, you read that right kiddos. This spice has been in the works since before some of you Generation Z folks were on Tik Tok.

This seasoning pairs perfectly with just about anything you can think of, including Chicken, ribs, steak, shrimp and so much more. The perfect blend of 13 spices and herbs, this rub is gluten free, vegan, and fat free.


  • Comes in a 286 gram container of fantastic flavor
  • A perfect concoction of spices and herbs for the perfect blend of spicy and sweet
  • Pairs perfectly with ribs, chicken, shrimp, chops, steaks, veggies, fries and even popcorn!
  • Gluten Free / Fat Free / Vegan
  • Allergen Alert; Contains Mustard