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Slap Ya Mama Hot Cajun Seasoning

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Have you ever tried mama slapping? We hear it is a great way to get a swift kick in the keister. But how about “Slap Ya Mama” Hot Cajun seasoning? That is definitely the best way to experience that swift kick straight into your taste buds. It’s a seasoning for anything and everything that needs a little bit of an extra kick. From boring plain popcorn to unseasoned fries, this Cajun seasoning will add just the right amount of intense heat to your meal.

So when you need a little more kick or perhaps even an extra slap to your taste buds, just sprinkle on some of the hot “Slap Ya Mama” and you’ll be begging for water in no time.


  • Add it to your favourite dishes (fries, shrimp, popcorn, you name it!)
  • Authentic HOT Cajun seasoning right from the brains of Walker & Sons
  • Born in good ol’ Louisiana
  • No MSG, kosher, and an all natural product
  • 8 oz (or 227g) of delicious Cajun heat