Napoleon TravelQ™ 285 Series Cover | Available in-store and online with Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke & Calgary. ?id=16943754543182

Napoleon TravelQ™ 285 Series Cover

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Even portable grills need to be cared for from time to time. Just because you didn’t spend thousands of dollars on the sucker doesn’t mean you leave it to face the elements unprotected. With a heavy duty cover for your Napoleon TravelQ™, you’ll be able to keep it looking brand new no matter what awful weather is thrown at it.

This high quality grill cover is made from a PVC polyester to ensure UV protection and proper ventilation. That means an elimination of concerns regarding any colour fading or build up of moisture which can harm the lifetime of the grill. Whenever your grilling session is done, just let the Napoleon TravelQ™ cool off, toss this cover on, and call it a day.


  • Made from a heavy duty PVC polyester
  • UV protected cover eliminates the worry over colour fading
  • 3” ventilation strip keeps your Napoleon TravelQ™ safe from any build up of moisture
  • Branded with the lovely Napoleon logo – because sometimes you might forget what the cover is covering


  • Fits specifically any Napoleon TravelQ™ TQ285/PRO285 (just the grill-head only)