Napoleon Rogue Series Rotisserie Kit | 69711

Napoleon Rogue Rotisserie Kit

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Find yourself wishing your Napoleon Rogue came with a rotisserie kit? Well, here's your solution. Designed to work specifically with the Napoleon Rogue Series of barbecues, this complete rotisserie kit comes with a pair of forks, a counter balance, spit rod and heavy-duty rotisserie motor. 

Now you have a Rogue barbecue with rotisserie! Like magic. Bring home the taste of your favourite rotisserie chicken and evenly cooked roasts. Nothing cooks a roast more evenly than on a rotisserie, perfectly turning the meat round and round so there aren't burnt spots. Unless you leave the food on for too long, of course.


  • Designed to fit with all Napoleon Rogue Series barbecues
  • Includes a pair of  rotisserie forks, rotisserie motor, spit rod, handle and counter balance.