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Napoleon Rogue Cover - 525 Series

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Just purchased a beautiful new Rogue 525 and you want to make sure that beauty doesn't fade?  Well, you've come to the right place.  This cover is designed to fit over the Napoleon Rogue 525 with or without the side shelves up.  It makes those rainy April evenings or snowy December nights nothing but a minor inconvenience.  

Its durable weather resistant fabric ensures that no matter the weather, you're investment is protected.  Made with UV inhibitors to prevent colour fading down the line, so it looks just as sharp a few years down the road.  Adjustable straps and air vents allow your to tightly secure the cover and prevent mildew buildup or wind lofting.  


  • Made with vinyl durable water resistant fabric - ensuring the cover ages with the barbecue without cracking
  • UV inhibitors prevent colour fading throughout the season
  • Air vents prevent any potential mildew build up or wind lofting
  • Hanging loops for added storage
  • Adjustable straps ensuring your cover stays with your unit
  • Dimensions: 61" W x 25" D x 48" H


  • Rogue 525 series: Includes R525, RXT525 & RSE525 units
  • Measurements: 61"W x 25"D x 48"H
  • If you're using for a different unit, we recommend getting a cover slightly larger than your unit, so it can easily be removed and placed on the BBQ