Napoleon PRO825 Built In Barbecue Cover | Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke & Calgary.

Napoleon PRO825 Built In Barbecue Cover

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There is no need to fear for the life of your gigantic built-in barbecue. With a heavy-duty Napoleon cover, your grill head will be safe from all of the elements.

This cover is constructed from a thick PVC polyester which also features UV protection against colour fading (not even the sun itself can penetrate this almighty material). It is also equipped with a 3-inch ventilation strip which decreases any build-up of moisture. 

The cover is designed to fit the Napoleon PRO825 built-in barbecue. However, we cannot imagine anything stopping you from tossing this heavy-duty cover on to any extra-large grill head. We're sure Napoleon doesn't have their own police force.



  • Heavy-duty cover made from PVC polyester to ensure your barbecue is protected from all of the elements
  • UV protected - not even that giant ball of fire in the sky can harm it!
  • 3-inch ventilation strip reduces build up of moisture
  • Designed to fit the Napoleon PRO825 built-in barbecue (but nothing is stopping you from using it to cover any general extra-large grill head)


  • Napoleon Built-In PRO825 Grill Head 
  • Dimensions: 57"W x 28"D x 27"H