Napoleon P500 / PRO500 Built In Barbecue Cover | Available to order in-store and online with Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke & Calgary. ?id=16938490429518

Napoleon P500 / PRO500 Built In Barbecue Cover

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Protecting your barbecue isn't too hard of a chore. Simply toss a heavy-duty cover on and you're good to go! This Napoleon cover is designed to fit either the Napoleon Prestige 500 built-in barbecue or the Napoleon PRO500 built-in barbecue. If you own neither of those grills, then we imagine it is still ever-so-capable of fitting any mid-sized built-in barbecue head.

The cover is constructed from a heavy-duty PVC polyester which is designed to keep moisture out with its 3-inch ventilation strip. Not only that, but it is also UV protected to eliminate any concerns over colour fading.



  • Heavy-duty PVC polyester built to keep your grill head safe from harm
  • UV protection reduces concerns over colour fading
  • Build-up of moisture is a problem of the past due to the 3-inch ventilation strip
  • Designed to fit the Napoleon Prestige 500 built-in barbecue and the Napoleon PRO500 built-in barbecue
  • Capable of fitting any mid-sized barbecue head (Sure, your built-in barbecue may not be a Napoleon, but it still needs a heavy-duty cover to keep it safe!)