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Napoleon Drip Pan Liner 62004 - Fits Prestige/Pro 500 and Pro 825 Grills

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Have you ever been cleaning a drip pan and you thought to yourself: "There needs to be a better way!"? The answer isn't a power-washer, a dog, or leaving it on the grass and letting Mother Nature take care of it. It is the Napoleon drip pan liner.

The Napoleon Drip Pan liner is designed to fit perfectly in your drip pan. When it get's all covered in grease, gunk, and all other kinds of yuckies, toss it and replace it. This will keep your grease tray clean and more importantly safe from all the things that make it prematurely break down or worse, cause a grease fire. Truly, a better way.


  • Perfect fit liner for the Drip Pan
  • Comes in a pack of 5
  • Keeps your drip pan safe from premature rusting
  • More frequent cleaning will reduce chances for grease fires inside your barbecue
  • Makes cleaning a cinch!
  • Fits 2017 or later Prestige and Pro 500 Grills, as well as Pro 825 series grills