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House of Q Rock N' Red BBQ Sauce

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Whose ready to rock out with House of Q? Their Rock N' Red BBQ sauce is a tangy tomato & vinegar based BBQ sauce that offers a subtle hint of smoke and a pinch of peppery heat. This sauce pairs perfectly with beef, chicken and pork, and is a great dippin sauce for sausages and vegetables.

Based out of Langley, BC, this duo are also part of the competitive barbecue circuit, no wonder they churn out these lip-smackin' good sauces! Comes in a jar of 375 ml.


  • Award winning competition blend of BBQ sauce.
  • Subtle blend of smoke and peppery heat, pairs well with beef, chicken and pork.
  • Gluten free. No preservatives either. (You won't need 'em because the jar won't last too long once your family tries it)
  • 375 ml Jar of BBQ Sauce