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David's Blackening Rub

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Coming at you straight out of Toronto, Canada is one of the tastiest blackening rubs we have to offer.  This rub is fantastic for spicing up your culinary skills. Heck, rub it on yourself if you're looking to spice up some other areas, who are we to judge. 

Made with a simple list of ingredients including; Spices, Cayenne and Cloves. This no salt added rub pairs perfectly with fish, poultry, lamb and of course steak. . Take back your kitchen and have your guests screaming for more with this superb blackening rub.


  • Works great for seasoning Fish, Poultry, Lamb and Steak
  • Simple list of ingredients: Spices, Cayenne and Cloves
  • No salt added for those worried about sodium intake
  • Produced locally in Toronto, Canada
  • 125 grams so you can be sure to be rubbin' for awhile