Broil King Side-Mount Resin Lid Handle l Barbecues Galore

Broil King Side-Mount Resin Lid Handle

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Have you been losing control of your barbecue lately? Has it been out past curfew all night cooking delicious food for god knows who?  Maybe you're in need a couple of these bad boys to help you get a handle on things... Get it, Handle!

In all seriousness, if you're grill handles are loose, cracked, broken or maybe just grimy from all those epic cookouts, you may be in need of some new handles.  Packaged individually, this sleek resin black handle is designed for Broil King units that feature side mounted handles.


  • Each handle is sold individually
  • Fresh resin handle to help you get a grip on your barbecues needs
  • Fits all side mounted Broil King, Sterling or Broil-Mate's, along with most other grills.
  • Durable construction ensuring you've got a handle on your grilling for years to come
  • Simple design with grooves for ergonomic lifting - As Austin Power's used to say, "Groovy Baby!"
  • Accompanying hardware included in the package