Broil King Replacement Cast Iron Cooking Grids - 11227 - 17.75" x 11.88" cast iron cooking grills   | Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke & Calgary

Broil King 11227 Cast Iron Replacement Grills

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Have no fear, replacement cast iron cooking grids are here! If you've got your hands on a Broil King Signetu2122 or Crownu2122 (which were made prior to 2006 or 2008, respectively), then you are in luck. These grids are designed to be an exact fit for those barbecues - they're even sold as a complete set.

These grids offer two sides which you can use to up your grilling game. One side is pointed, which will offer you even greater sear marks. The other side is channeled - this means it will collect the grease to decrease flare-ups and intensify flavour.

Sold as a Set of 2 Grills


  • Heavy-duty, cast iron construction - built to last and to hold in the heat
  • Reversible - channeled side offers greater grease control
  • Pointed side will deliver with steakhouse sear marks
  • Grills measure: 14.2" x 12.25"

Sold as a Set of 2 Grills


Fits the following Broil King Models:
  • Signetu2122 (Prior to 2006)
  • Crownu2122 (Prior to 2008)