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Broil King 11222 Replacement Cast Iron Cooking Grills

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A cast iron grill offers the ultimate grilling surface... When you take care of it. Cast iron requires a little bit of lovin' to keep your food from stickin' and your grills from rustin'.

There's a reason why your grandma has the same cast iron frying pan that she's had for 30 years. That's because she takes care of it. You can either ask your grandma for her magical wisdom - which we're sure she would lovingly give to you, or you can check out our blog post on caring for your cooking grills.

Either way, if your grills have made it past the point of no return, we can help solve the problem. We carry replacement cooking for all of the barbecues we sell, and most of the barbecues that we used to sell. These ones, sold as a set of two, are designed by Broil King, but will replace any grills with the same dimensions.


  • Reversible grills: channels on one side move grease away from your burner and heat plates, steep points on the other side provide the best surface for creating fantastic sear marks (this will really help show off your barbecue prowess)
  • Cast iron needs to be seasoned, but when taken care of properly it will last for quite a long time
  • Measurements: 14.8"D x 10.75"W
  • Formerly part #10225T-356
  • Sold as set of 2


Broil King models:

  • Royal Series (Prior to 2006)
  • Crown 20/40/70
  • Monarch 20, 70 & 90
  • Monarch 300 Series
  • 543-24, 543-27, 543-44, 543-47, 543-74, 543-77, 9312-54, 9312-57, 9312-64, 9312-67, 9312-84, 9312-87, 9346-54, 9346-57, 9346-64, 9346-67, 9346-74, 9346-77, 943-24, 943-27, 943-44, 943-47, 944-24, 944-27, 944-44, 944-47, 944-74, 944-77


Don't see your barbecue listed under the Fits tab? No problem, just fill out our barbecue parts request form and one of our sales associates will be in touch in no time to help you find the right cooking grills for your beloved barbecue.