Broil King 10390E23LP main burner tube. One of the most important parts of the barbecue, the burner.  Makes sure you can grill whatever your heart (and stomach) desire. Available at Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke & Calgary.

Broil King 10390E23LP Burner Main Single Tube LP

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Arguably the most essential piece to your grill, the burner tube. Without it your barbecue may as well be a new housing development for local critters.


    • Main burner
    • Single Tube


    • Sterling 10390-E23LP-D1:4965-54, 4965-57, 4965-64, 4965-67
    • BroilMate 10390-E23LP:1165-54, 1165-57, 1965-54, 1965-57, 1965-64, 1965-67