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Brander Weber Summit 600 Series Cover

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This Brander Weber Summit Cover is designed to fit perfectly over your new Weber Summit 600 Series grill. Or your old Weber Summit 600 series grill - those barbecues are built to last a lifetime. Covers, unfortunately not so much.

Covers are one of the most important accessories you can get with your new barbecue to ensure it keeps looking new after its first season. I know we all don't want to wait until the barbecue has cooled to put the cover back on, but this is important. A Weber barbecue deserves to be cherished, and cloaked in the love of a warm and toasty cover.


  • Heavy duty vinyl
  • Dimensions: 77"W x 38"D x 44"H
  • Full length coverage


  • Designed by Brander to fit Summit 620/ 670 models
  • Barbecues with dimensions under 77"W x 38"D x 44"H