Brander Mega Motor Heavy Duty Rotisserie Motor

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Someone once explained a rotisserie motor as "not strong enough to cook an egg". It stuck, and that's how we ended up with the Brander Heavy Duty Rotisserie Motors.

These aren't built like your average, run of the mill rotisserie motor. Built to turn up to either 40 lbs or 140 lbs at a time, that's not just some tiny chicken wing (we'll stay away from the "which one came first" debate for now...).

So go ahead, load up that rotisserie with the biggest, most beautiful piece of Alberta AAA beef you can find. This guy can handle it. We assume there will be extras, and we accept any and all dinner invitations you will be sending our way.


  • Select from two models able to turn up to 140 lbs of meat
  • Some rotisserie brackets may not support the weight of the larger motor (6 lbs)
  • Works in standard 120V household outlet
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 5 1/4" D x 4" W